Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Vacation

            I have been on vacation lately.  First, I went up to Minnesota to see my grandparents for a week; that was so much fun! My favorite thing that I did was go tubing on Lake Miltona with my best friend.

              Then we came home for one day and the next morning we left agin to go see my other grandparents in Michigan for a week.  On the way up, we stopped in Wisconsin to drop off my best friend at his house.  

 After awhile we arrived in Michigan and had lots fun I really enjoyed using my grandpas BB gun.

            Sadly, we are home now.   But as they say;  "There Is No Place Like Home".


Organizing Mommy said...

Yes, vacations go by too fast, don't they? I'm so glad you had fun and that Josiah could come with us!

1. bin=been
2. First,
3. my favorite=My fav..
4. Lake Miltona (capitalize)
5. one day, and the..
6. On the way up, we stopped (comma/spelling)
7. After a while,
8. riley=really
9. Sadly,
10. but= But or eliminate it.

Than-the-Man said...

Thanks Mom!