Friday, February 13, 2009

River in our back yard!

We had some vary good weather the past week,  I think it got up to 60˚F.  It almost melted all the snow leaving only a little river in our back yard.  Here are some pictures of our yard.
Thats me!
This is a picture of a little water fall that was is a field next to our yard.  Doesn't it look like a mini Niagara Falls?


Jared Loucks -or- A Kitten said...

Our back yard is really tiny...that would be cool to have a river in it!

Nathanael said...

Yeah, it's nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! May I paint your pics.? (it's always nice to ask...)
Awesome! Our yard is fenced, so we can't make a river. :( Haha, the city might be after us!


Nathanael said...

thanks for commenting.

Yeah, you can paint it.